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Bread- 1 slice from standard loaf
Dry cereal, cooked cereal, pasta, rice or other grain- c (1 oz)
Vegetables: leafy, raw- 1 cup- 4 lettuce leaves
Cooked, chopped or raw non-leafy vegetables- c- tight fist or ice cream scoop
Vegetable juice- cup- 6 oz.- small Styrofoam cup
Fruit- chopped, cooked or canned- no sugar added- cup- of a baseball
Apple, banana, or orange- 1 medium piece
Fruit juice- cup- 6 oz.- small Styrofoam cup
Dried fruit- cup- large egg
Milk and yogurt- 1 cup- 8 oz.- baseball
Natural cheese- 1 oz.- 6 stacked dice
Processed cheese- 2 oz.- 8 stacked dice

The amount of beans, tofu, eggs, peanut butter and nuts specified here is equal to 1 oz. of lean meat.

Meat, poultry or fish- 2-3 oz. - deck of cards (3 oz.)
Cooked dry beans- cup- large egg
Tofu- cup- large egg
Eggs- 1 egg
Peanut butter- 1 Tablespoon- 1 thumb
Nuts- oz.- golf ball



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