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The past couple of weeks I have been talking about knives and peelers. Today, I want to continue talking about knives.  I think that, as with any job, the better and proper the tools, the easier the job is.  I speak especially to those who just simply donít like to cook.  I think one of the main reasons is that the tools they are using just donít meet the needs of the job of cooking. I have already addressed the idea that good knives are an investment, not only of money but in your time, too.  If you have a large cutting job in front of you and all you have is a paring knife, the task is huge.  But, if you have a chefís knife, the task will become manageable.  Coring an apple is a job for a paring knife.  Dicing the apple would be a job for the chefís knife as is cutting up a bunch of celery or carrots to steam.  If you make a lot of stir fries, these two knives will make preparing your mise en place (remember what mise en place is?) go much more quickly. I can fairly easily cook a meal for 100 people because I use the proper tools.

My current mission is talking about knives.  I almost canít say enough about the proper tool for the job.  Iím not talking about a screwdriver or shop-vac, but yet, again, knives.  Today I want to talk about paring knives; I am not talking about a steak knife or a dinner knife, but a paring knife.  A small pointed knife that is one of the most basic little essentials in all of our lives. When it comes to basic kitchen work, this tool is one of the more critical ones.  The key to a paring knife is to make sure that it fits your hand.  What does that mean?  It means that when you hold this little knife in your hand, it fits. Not too large, not too small (kind of like Goldilocks and the 3 chairs?????)  The way to discover whether it fits your hand is to pick it up and hold it.  If I went knife shopping with you I would have you hold the knife and act as if you were doing a small cutting job.  This is the true test to know whether a paring knife fits your hand. I would encourage you to think about this fact.



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