Recipe: Assorted Grill Ideas
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We do so much grilling during the summer and I thought I would share some of the grilling recipes we have been playing with:


Grilled Bruschetta- ½ inch thickly sliced crusty bread, brushed on both sides with ½ c olive oil mixed w/2 minced garlic cloves, salt and pepper to taste, layered with slices of fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese and whole fresh basil and oregano leaves. Sprinkle generously with fresh grated parmesan cheese.  Grill over low heat until the cheeses are melted and the bottom of the bread is toasted.  Serve alongside sausages and a marinated vegetable salad.


Grilled Tofu- Slice a block of tofu into ¾ inch “steaks”  brush with a basting sauce made of equal parts of hoisin sauce and sesame oil (add a small touch of wasabi for a spicy kick).  Grill over medium heat until lightly browned, flipping just once.  Serve with stir fried veggies and sticky rice.


Grilled Cake and Honeyed Peaches- slice pound or chiffon cake into 1” slices and lightly butter.  Slice fresh peaches in half and coat with no stick spray.  Grill the peaches over low-medium low heat 3-4 minutes per side, watching as to not scorch.  When the peaches are almost done, place the buttered cake on the grill for 1-2 minute per side.  Drizzle the peaches with honey for the last 2 minutes on the grill.  Place the grilled cake on a plate, top with slices of the grilled and honeyed peaches.  Serve with or without whipped cream and another drizzle of honey. Garnish with edible flowers


Grilled Veggies- create a flavored oil for tossing the veggies into or brushing the veggies with:  olive, minced garlic, fresh minced herbs of choice (summer savory, chives, oregano, basils- try lime or lemon, tarragon) salt and pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar.  For most vegetables (including potatoes), simply toss the veggies with the olive oil blend and grill over medium heat until crisp tender.  Some vegetables like summer squashes and eggplant are very absorbent, so brushing them with the oil prevents them from getting saturated with oil. 



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