Healthy Food Choices
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Some healthy food choices:

-sweet potatoes- bake, mash & stir in some unsweetened applesauce or crushed pineapple
-grape tomatoes- great for snacks, dipping and in salads
-fat-free or 1% milk- also low-fat yogurt and soymilk (donít say yech- itís not bad!)
-broccoli- try a quick stir-fry with a bit of soy sauce
-wild salmon- be aware farm raised fish contains more contaminates than wild caught
-crispbreads- high fiber low or no fat
-brown rice- white rice has no nutritional value- add chopped veggies for a flavor boost
-citrus fruits- perfect for snack or dessert
-butternut squash- try the Roasted Winter Squash recipe
-greens of all kinds- the darker the color the better



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