Guide to Meals on the Run
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I found this guide on the 'net and thought is would be a great guide for eating out and wanted to share it with you.

Guide to Meals on the Run

FAST    Broiled or grilled chicken     Breaded, fried chicken sandwich 
FOOD    sandwich                       or chicken nuggets
        Single hamburger               Double hamburger; cheeseburger
        Toppings: mustard, onions,     Toppings: mayonnaise, tartar 
        tomatoes, peppers              sauce
        Baked potatoes stuffed with    French fries or hash browns
        veggies (hold the butter, sour 
        cream and cheese sauce)
        Submarine sandwiches with lean High-fat dressings like olive
        poultry or meat and            oil and mayonnaise, sausage
        fresh vegetables               and cheese fillings
        Bagel with egg and ham         Biscuits with sausage and gravy
        Pancakes with moderate amounts  French toast
        of syrup and margarine 
        Plain English muffins          High-fat muffins
        Fruit juice                    High-fat shakes or malts
SALAD   Fresh vegetables               Marinated vegetables
        Fresh fruit                    Fruit in heavy syrups
        Chickpeas (garbanzo) or        Lots of cheese
        kidney beans   
        Low-calorie or oil and vinegar High-fat creamy dressings
        dressings (in moderate servings)      
DELI    Sliced turkey sandwich with    Pastrami or salami sandwich
FOOD    tomato  
        Sliced chicken with mustard    Chicken salad or tuna salad 
        Lean roast beef sandwich       Ham and cheese sandwich, 
                                      hot dog
        Whole grain breads or buns,    Croissants, high-fat muffins
ITALIAN Pasta in tomato sauce, red    Spaghetti with meatballs; 
FOOD    clam sauce or marinara         pasta with pesto or alfredo 
                                      (cream) sauce
        Minestrone soup                Antipasto
        Steamed or poached foods       Breaded or fried foods
        Chicken cacciatore             Veal parmigiana
CHINESE Steamed dumplings, clear soups        Fried won ton, egg rolls, 
FOOD    (won ton, hot and sour)               crispy noodles
        Stir-fried tofu, chicken,      Crispy, batter-dipped foods 
        lean pork and beef or seafood  such as shrimp or chicken; 
        with vegetables                spare ribs
        Steamed rice                   Fried rice
MEXICAN Fajitas                       Toppings: sour cream, guacamole, 
FOOD                                  con queso (cheese)
        Gazpacho                       Fried tortillas, chimichangas 
                                      and dips
        Chili verde                    Chorizo (sausages)
        Arroz con pollo (chicken with rice)
        Red or green salsa
        Mexican salad (hold the shell) 



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