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Dry and wet rubs add lots of flavor to meats and vegetables before they are cooked.  Though not all of the spices and herbs are interchangeable, most are compatible with each other.  Cinnamon stands out as the one spice that may not "fit" into a lot of rubs.  Try mixing and matching different herbs and spices for your own rub blend.  I like to add a bit of heat (cayenne or dried pepper flakes) to my rubs and marinades to help the different flavors permeate the meats.  There are other uses for the spices and herbs listed next to each one as well. 

  Basil, dried- stews, sauces, sausages, dressings, salads
   Cayenne pepper- any dish you want to add a touch of heat to w/o the vinegar of a hot sauce
   Chili powder- eggs, shellfish, vegetables, chili, Mexican-type foods
   Cilantro- not recommended dried- loses its flavor
   Cinnamon, ground- cakes, breads, buns, cookies, pies, ethnic dishes
   Coriander, ground- sausages, Latin American dishes
   Cumin, ground- meats, pickles, cheese, sausages, chutney, soups, ethnic dishes
   Dill, weed and seed- soups, salads, seafood, vegetables, vinegars
   Garlic powder- meats, soups, stews, marinades, sauces, sausage
   Ginger, ground- gingerbread, pies, cookies, pickles, puddings, Oriental dishes
   Marjoram, dried- vegetables, meat, cheese, stuffing, soups, sauces
   Onion powder- soups, stews, meats, marinades, salad dressings, sauces
   Oregano, dried- tomato dishes, omelets, tomato juice, gravies, stews, lamb
   Paprika, Hungarian sweet- cheese, eggs, potatoes, light sauces
   Parsley- soups, salads, fish, meats, sauces, vegetables, potatoes
   Pepper, black ground and peppercorns- meats, soups, fish, eggs, salads, sauces, gravies, vegetables
   Pepper, dried red flakes- sausages, meats, spaghetti, pizza
   Rosemary, ground (dried never softens in a dish)- lamb dishes, stews, soups, potatoes, vegetables
   Sage, dried- sausages, salads, pickles, cheese, poultry seasoning
   Salt, iodized table and Kosher- most recipes, Kosher used as a roast meat crust
   Tarragon, dried- salads, meats, stews, fish, Bearnaise sauce, vegetables
   Thyme, ground and dried- cheeses, seafood chowders, sausages, meats, poultry, tomatoes
   Turmeric- curries, pickles, Indian dishes, mustards, food coloring in processed foods



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