Thanksgiving Countdown- 4
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Believe it or not, Thanksgiving isn't that far away.  Over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you even more ideas than I have shared with you in the past.  See archived shows #22-25 and #29-33. Some of the information is the same, yet there will be more details about how to go about roasting a turkey (for those who never have), how to brine a fresh, non-self basting turkey (resulting in a chemical free juicy bird), some tips on how to rescue last minute flops and so much more than I can list here. Stay tuned every Monday for more exciting information that will help make the Thanksgiving holiday meal go smoother than ever!

Four Weeks Ahead:

  • Create a guest list and send invitations or call guests
  • Plan the menu. Guests are always willing to help with the cooking when asked.  It's easiest if you, the host, handle the main dish or anything else that doesn't travel well and have the guests supply the rest.
  • Create an extensive shopping list, to include all food stuffs, paper goods and any materials needed for making place cards, Thanksgiving crafts, and centerpieces. Donít forget any special spices or kitchen tools that you may need.
  • Order your turkey, roast, duck, ham, etc.- contact me for information on where to get fresh, organic and naturally raised turkeys
  • Create a timeline for dishes that can be made ahead of time, including the freezing, thawing, reheating, and Thanksgiving Day cooking times for each dish
  • Review tables and chairs, table linens, dinnerware, glassware, serving pieces, pots and pans, etc. Is your dinner a sit down affair or a buffet? Do you need to rent or borrow anything? Make arrangements now.
  • Are kids on the guest list? Think about age-appropriate ways of getting them involved or keeping them entertained.
  • Clean out your freezer.



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