Commentary: Pineapple 101
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I thought that pineapple was a hit or miss type of fruit.  Either it is good or it isn't   While I was in Hawaii, I learned a few tips about choosing, handling, growing and serving pineapple:


  • look for a pineapple that all of the “eyes” (the round circles all over the pineapple) are the same size from the bottom to the crown (leaves)

  • choose pineapples that don’t have blemishes, soft spots or a really dry crown

  • store pineapple at room temperature for only a day or two before eating. Store cut pineapple in a sealed container in the ‘frig

  • before cutting up the pineapple, twist the crown off to remove

  • to grow your own pineapple, let the crown dry for a couple of days, then place in water until 1” of root has grown, plant in soil.  Makes a great indoor plant in zone 5.  The plant will produce an edible pineapple within 2 years.

  • cut the pineapple lengthwise in ˝ then in half again.  Remove the core (cut into sticks to use in beverages as a tasty stirrer) and cut the fruit away from the skin.  Rinse the cut up pineapple before serving- this removes the bitter acidic flavor and really sweetens up the taste.

  • serve sliced, cubed, grilled, on fruit or meat kabobs, chopped up as a salsa with red onion and cilantro and served with grilled teriyaki chicken or fish, pureed into a protein smoothie, baked into cake, or wedged and placed on the edge of a glass as a garnish.



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