Commentary: Breakfast
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A few helpful hints to make mornings go more smoothly in the kitchen:


  • cook your sausage/bacon the day before while you are making dinner- even if you are grilling, sausage and bacon taste great cooked on the grill.  Simply microwave to reheat in a minute or two (also less cleanup in the morning or when you come home from work)

  • when I have time to bake, I make 2 of whatever and freeze the 2nd for another day.  It takes about 5 minutes more to double a recipe.

  • frittatas- a crustless quiche-  put a layer of leftover meat, veggies and some cheese on the bottom of a pie plate.  Pour quiche filling (milk can be used instead of cream or half and half) over top and bake.  You can make a frittata a couple of days ahead and microwave whole or as individual pieces. 

  • stratas- basically sandwiches (pb&j, ham, cheese, cream cheese and jam, etc.) with egg custard (4 eggs + 2 c milk+ seasonings) poured over it. Refrigerated overnight and baked the next day.  Can be assembled and baked a couple of days ahead.  Reheats in the microwave nicely.

  • USE your bread machine.  Whether you set the timer to have hot fresh bread for breakfast or for a loaf to toast or make French toast or a strata in the next day or two. There are quite a few bread machine mixes on the market, but it only takes about 5 minutes to throw together the ingredients, remembering to add some whole wheat flour to help get the whole grains that we all need each day.  My rule of thumb is to add at least 1/3 the amount of flour as whole wheat.  You can add wheat germ, nutritional yeast, soy flour, etc. to increase the protein content, as well.  Another joy to a bread machine is that even your kids can make the bread!

  • bagel sandwiches- nothing says that you canít serve more than cream cheese with bagels.  The other morning we had BLT bagels for breakfast.  Instead of mayo we used hummus- found in the deli section of most groceries- it is a slightly spice chickpea spread that goes very well with the bacon. You can substitute Canadian bacon if you are trying to cut down on the saturated fats.  We also use sausage patties and a variety of veggies like onion, cucumber and tomato, shredded carrot and radishes.

  • wraps- very easy- flour tortillas come in so many flavors today and you can wrap anything from different salads to mini microwavable pizzas- who says these canít be breakfast foods? Make a very large salad one day and wrap it for lunch the next day.

  • be organized- write a list of menu ideas before going shopping.  Try to stay a week ahead. Do the basic organization for morning meals/snacks the night before. (such as stirring the dry ingredients together and measuring the wet ingredients for pancakes).



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