Basil & Garlic Infused Olive Oil
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Yield: 1 qt

1 qt olive oil*
1 large bunch fresh basil or 2 small plastic packages found in the grocery
6 whole cloves fresh garlic

Place ingredients in a glass container that seals well.  Let sit on your counter for at least 3 weeks, and up to 6 weeks, admiring how nice it looks.  Strain the basil and garlic out of the oil and discard.  Store oil in glass containers. 

Hint: enjoy as a simple drizzle for crusty bread and cheese or in salad dressings.

         the key to well flavored infused oils is to use a lot of the herb or herbs.  Gives the oil a bold flavor.

* I use Extra virgin olive oil for cold applications like salad dressings and drizzles and Extra Light olive oil for cooking.



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