Bagel Sandwiches and Wraps
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Bagel sandwiches- nothing says that you canít serve more than cream cheese with bagels.  The other morning we had BLT bagels for breakfast.  Instead of mayo we used hummus- found in the deli section of most groceries- it is a slightly spicy chickpea spread that goes very well with the smoky bacon. You can substitute Canadian bacon if you are trying to cut down on the saturated fats.  We also use sausage patties and a variety of veggies like onion, cucumber and tomato, shredded carrot and radishes. 

Wraps- very easy- flour tortillas come in so many flavors today and you can wrap anything from different salads to mini microwavable pizzas- who says these canít be breakfast foods? Make a very large salad one day and wrap it for breakfast or lunch the next day.

I know that these are basic outlines to making frittatas and stratas.  For more details on how to make either of these breakfast/brunch dishes, contact me at and I will send you more information.



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