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Last week I talked about 2 specific kitchen ideas that will help make cooking meals a lot easier.  Let’s do a quick review:

-the first was mise en place.  Do you remember what that means?  It is a French term that means everything in its place.  Doing all the prep work, such as chopping up the onions or measuring the oil,  before beginning to cook, to make your cooking task much simpler.

-the second idea I talked about was about knives. The first rule of thumb is to always try out a knife before making a purchasing decision. The handle must sit snugly in your hand and be appropriate for your hand size. Quality knives are expensive and must be regarded as investments. Once acquired, they must be cleaned properly and well maintained. A dull knife is dangerous. Always use a sharp knife.  Knives must be kept sharpened at all times for ease of use and best results.

Now let’s talk about vegetable peelers.  No real fancy or expensive investment, money wise, but, family wise, I would consider it a huge investment.  Let me tell you why.  When Zac, my oldest, was 2 yrs old, I started to work with him in the kitchen.  I provided him with a small apron, a step stool and a very inexpensive vegetable peeler…boy, did we eat a lot of carrots, yet now, at 15 he is capable of handling most kitchen tasks.  We spent time together, got our meals done and both of my sons are willing to eat vegetables and try new foods.  I attribute this fact to us having cooked together in the kitchen since they were capable of even the smallest kitchen tasks.



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